Margaret Lyons
June 07, 2010 AT 07:39 PM EDT

Image Credit: AppleSteve Jobs unveiled the new iPhone 4 this afternoon at the WWDC conference, and while some of its features — like a front-facing camera — had been pretty much public knowledge for a while, there was still a big reveal: Video calling from your phone. It’s the future, guys! “FaceTime,” which works over Wi-Fi and only iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, uses said front-facing camera to great effect. The phone will be available for pre-order June 15 and ship June 24; the 16GB model will be $199, and the 32MB will be $299. Also, if your contract is up at any time in 2010, AT&T will fudge your eligibility so you can upgrade right now. The more iPhone 4s in the wild, the more FaceTime you’ll see — and presumably, the more you’ll want it.

The other big announcement in Jobs’ presentation: the iMovie app. The iPhone 4 can shoot real HD video, which you can then edit in the $4.99 app. (He also announced software updates, like multi-tasking and folders, that were part of April’s OS announcement.) The 5-megapixel camera goes well with the improved high-res screen, and a 3-axis gyroscope means the phone is even more motion-sensitive. (And it means apps can use a full range of motion for controls.)

Are you itching to upgrade, PopWatchers? Is video calling the final verse in the siren song pulling you to an iPhone, or are you able to resist?

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