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June 11, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Gleeks and Non-Gleeks: Express Yourselves!

Thanks so much for showing us how Jane Lynch (a.k.a. Sue Sylvester) ”C”s it, and for the interview with Heather Morris, whose breakout performance of dim but sweet Brittany is a weekly treat. But I wanted to read more on Chris Colfer. His nuanced portrayal of Kurt Hummel is groundbreaking, heartbreaking, and Emmy-worthy.

Tammy Hoganson

New Prague, Minn.

Glee‘s co-creator Ryan Murphy says, ”I just didn’t think people would get it.” Murphy needs to get over himself, because there’s not much to get about Glee. Outside of Jane Lynch, who’s good in everything, the series is nothing more than a gimmick, using American Idol-type songs to make up for clichéd characters and recycled story lines.

Craig Russell

New York City

Best. Cover. Ever! Now we know what it looks like to get slushied. Love the cover. Love the show.

Jenny Erasmus

Colchester, Conn.


I was thinking about the question 24 co-creator Robert Cochran raised in your article about the end of the show: ”How do you fight something that’s evil without becoming evil?” You know what would be a truly awesome follow-up to the series? Another remake of The Prisoner, with Jack Bauer being held in the Village. You’d have to change the format from hours to days or months, but his struggle against a succession of Number 2s would bring me back week after week.

Jim Dooley

Gahanna, Ohio

Lords of the Dance

Yes, Dancing With the Stars is the same kind of schlocky dance show that originated 60 years ago. But it would be a big mistake to turn off So You Think You Can Dance after a few weeks because ”one TV dance show is pretty much just like another.” Focus on Cat Deeley’s tigress dresses and enormous hair to get you through the early audition shows, but stick around for the mind-blowing dancing. SYTYCD‘s dancers are in a league of their own. I demand a rewatch! And maybe a dance-off…

Harmony Rhoades

San Diego


After digging into our Glee-centric issue, Jeff Goodling of Harrisburg, Pa., wondered: ”Are there any plans to feature Rachel’s dads on the show?” Though EW writer Tim Stack says nothing’s in the cards at the moment, we had a flash of inspiration. We presented our casting choices in an EW.COM poll, and readers followed suit with suggestions. Below, the top three picks for each Papa Berry.

DAD 1:

1. Hugh Jackman

2. John Stamos

3. Sean Hayes

DAD 2:

1. Taye Diggs

2. Jesse L. Martin

3. Wayne Brady

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