Mandi Bierly
June 14, 2010 AT 02:02 PM EDT

Image Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage.comA lot of people were Googling “Katie Finneran” this morning: It could be because the Promises, Promises star delivered a fantastic speech after winning the Tony for Featured Actress in a Musical. She had humor, expressing gratitude for the 20 family and friends who came in for the ceremony, actor Darren Goldstein proposing to her last week, and fellow nominee Angela Lansbury taking her to dinner two weeks ago. (She also noted that costar Kristin Chenoweth had loaned her her eyelashes for the night). Finneran also had heart. Speaking to the kids at home, she gave a more thoughtful, practical version of the “dreams do come true” line, telling them to focus on what they love because it’s the road map for an extraordinarily blissful life. They’ll meet the right teachers and fall into the right circumstances to meet someone who shares that love with them. Finneran’s Google surge, of course, could also have been because her dress had a daring neckline, which led to folks thinking, Where do I know her from? Well, here’s her IMDB page, so you can figure it out. For me, it was her stint as the sister on Fox’s Wonderfalls. You?

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