Mandi Bierly
June 14, 2010 AT 05:47 PM EDT

Image Credit: Darren Michaels/TNTWho’s your favorite female cop on TV? She’s about to have more competition. Gabrielle Union has signed on for a potential spin-off to Lifetime’s Army Wives. According to The Hollywood Reporter, near the end of this season, we’ll see a Wives episode that serves as a backdoor pilot in which “Pamela Moran (Brigid Brannagh) returns to her former career and becomes a detective with the Atlanta police department. Union will play her partner, Detective Gina Holt.”

As much as I love the sexual tension that bubbles between co-ed crime-fighting duos (Bones, Castle), the pilot of TNT’s new drama Rizzoli & Isles (premiering July 12) has already reminded me how interesting two women can be all on their own. Angie Harmon (Women’s Murder Club) stars as badass and beautiful Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli, and Sasha Alexander (who you might remember from NCIS and our list of the 20 Most Shocking TV Deaths) as impeccably-dressed medical examiner Maura Isles. Yeah, they work with men (including Jane’s veteran former partner, a squeamish rookie, and an FBI agent played by Twilight‘s Billy Burke), but they’re the focus. When a serial killer with whom Rizzoli has a history returns in the premiere, it’s Isles’ bed Rizzoli ends up in (because her mother, played by Lorraine Bracco, showed up at her place and drove her crazy). Being able to say you’ve never been more afraid to someone, and not having to worry about whether he thinks you’re saying “Protect me” — that’s refreshing. Harmon and Alexander have great chemistry, we don’t need the sexual tension. (Though we do hope Burke sticks around so we get some.) Watch an intro to Rizzoli & Isles below.

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