Whitney Pastorek
June 16, 2010 AT 11:23 PM EDT

According to Reuters, Oprah Winfrey has given every staffer at her self-published O Magazine $10,000, to celebrate the publication’s 10th anniversary. She also gave everyone an iPad, which seems like overkill, but who’s counting? Oprah is in a position to give all the writers under her employ — the total has not been disclosed — enormous bonus checks, even in this time of economic turmoil and print-publishing-industry peril! How extraordinary.

Speaking as one of America’s few remaining gainfully-employed magazine writers — a position none of us here at EW take for granted, trust me — I must say this news gives me hope, for several reasons. First, it means someone is still turning a hefty profit via the process of placing words on paper, which means someone, somewhere, is still reading. Hooray! Second, Oprah’s vast stores of wealth (currently estimated at over $2 billion, at least until Warren Buffett and Bill Gates start guilting her) mean that maybe she can buy another magazine, like Newsweek or something, and save it from an untimely death. And third, it means that because it’s EW’s 20th anniversary this year, clearly any moment now I can expect a check for some multiple of 20 from my employers. Dear Editors: direct deposit is fine.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Heartwarming story of corporate generosity, or sickening tale of wasteful largesse? Do you think she skipped down the halls, hooting, “You get $10,000! You get $10,000! Ev-ry-bo-dy gets $10,000!” Hell, would you settle for just the iPad?

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