Whitney Pastorek
June 17, 2010 AT 10:03 PM EDT

Well, this is refreshing: After what seems like years of folks complaining that women on magazine covers are getting the Photoshop treatment — therefore distorting the image of what “real” bodies look like and leading to all sorts of horrible disordery-type stuff in women — there’s finally a dude stepping up to complain that he’s been victimized, too. Granted, Lance Armstrong’s Outside cover, on which a plain blue shirt was apparently tweaked to read “38. BFD.”, is hardly equivalent to the elimination of love handles or wrinkles or cellulite or other facts of physical life, but it’s still an example of altered reality. As Armstrong tweeted yesterday: “Just saw the cover of the new Outside mag w/ yours truly on it. Nice photoshop on a plain t-shirt guys. That’s some lame bulls—. #weak.”

His response certainly seems to sum it up, but what do you think, PopWatchers? Does Armstrong have the right to complain? Is slapping a manufactured slogan on a shirt the same as shaving off a few years/pounds? (Not that Armstrong’s whippet physique needs any shaving, mind you.) Have you lost all trust in your own eyes? Or have you given up and accepted our computer-enhanced future? Also, when do we get jetpacks?

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