Pauly Shore shills for Eminem's 'Recovery': Watch the funny clip here |

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Pauly Shore shills for Eminem's 'Recovery': Watch the funny clip here


pauly-shoreIs Pauly Shore someone whose taste in rap music you trust? If so, you’ll definitely want to see a new promotional clip in which the Bio-Dome star weighs in on Eminem’s upcoming Recovery album.

Spoiler alert: He’s not feeling it. “This album doesn’t have all the accents that he had on the prior album,” Shore complains. That’s a bit of reverse psychology, since even Em himself now admits that last year’s Relapse overdid the silly voices. (“Perhaps I ran them accents into the ground/Relax, I ain’t going back to that now.”) In other words, Shore’s dis is really a compliment. Well done!

Check out the clip after the jump (h/t Vulture). Like it? Which do you think is funnier, this or the other viral Recovery promo starring the ShamWow dude? Will you be buying Recovery when it arrives in stores Monday?

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