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'Saving Grace' finale: Calling all angels


Saving-GraceImage Credit: Erik Heinila/TNTLast night’s two-hour Saving Grace finale tried to bring the series to a satisfying end, but it played out a bit rushed, ungraceful, and overly final. Still, there are things I loved about the show and will absolutely miss, namely Holly Hunter – and especially Hunter and Laura San Giacomo together.

Grace sometimes struggled with larger arcs – wait, how was Earl involved in Grace’s sister’s death? – but it always seemed to get relationships just right, particularly Grace and Rhetta. The wine-swilling childhood BFFs gave the show its central love story, and even Grace’s supernatural quest for spiritual redemption (or at least identity) couldn’t hold a candle to the vitality of that relationship. I would have watched Saving Grace if it were just a cop show, totally absent any kind of religious storytelling.

Are you mourning Saving Grace, PopWatchers? In the great guardian angels of all time, does Earl rank above, say, Clarence?