Emily Exton
June 24, 2010 AT 09:39 PM EDT

Apparently now that it’s officially summer, it’s time for us all to fall back in love with Jersey Shore. (What respectable American doesn’t love fist pumping and hot tubs?) Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino appeared on The Tonight Show earlier this week to talk about his photo spread in People (the Hottest Bodies issue, of course) and promote his teeny, tiny Jersey Shore-themed book, GTL. He shared the story of how a once pimpled, failed mortgage broker became “The Situation” (dreams do come true, kids!), but overall his conversation was kind of snoozy…he didn’t even lift his shirt! Watch the video after the jump and count how many times he used the word “situation” (“situate” counts too. Can this joke be retired?).

In a more interesting act of self-promotion, The Situation, Ronnie, and Vinny (what, no room for Pauly D.?) posed for the cover of the Village Voice, on newsstands now. They look good — presumably fresh from a gym, tanning, laundry excursion — but as my eyes moved up from The Situation’s abdominal region, I noticed the words “The Queer Issue.” Whoa, big season two twist?! Nope, according to the New York Post, the straight men were pumped to land the cover, but were “shocked” to learn how the photos were used by the magazine. The Voice‘s cover story describe the “down-low” life of gay men at the Jersey Shore, insinuating there are similarities (from clothing to hairstyles) to those prominently displayed on MTV’s reality show.  It’s an interesting story, but begs the question — smart move by the Village Voice (the paper is free, but everyone can use some press) or should they have notified the reality stars first?

Either way, the new season of Jersey Shore doesn’t premiere until July 29th, and after MTV’s 10-minute sneak peek, we already know that not much has changed with these tanned, techno-loving kids, nor will it change when they are displaced to the foreign sands of Miami Beach. While I’ll admit that I did love Jersey Shore the first time around, I’m not exactly sure I’m looking forward to more. Anyone else feeling shore fatigue? Sure, transplanting these characters from Seaside Heights to Miami will bring a fish-out-of-water element to the show, but at the same time it’s tired. Sammie and Ronnie already hooked up (and broke up), Snooki already got punched in the face, Angelina already got fired. What more can they have in store?

What do you think about the guys of Jersey Shore landing the cover of Village Voice‘s Queer Issue, PopWatchers? Are you excited for season two? Or has this tanning bed sailed?

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