Kate Ward
June 25, 2010 AT 07:50 PM EDT

Yes, I’ve seen the trailers for July 9’s Despicable Me. But I’m still not entirely convinced that the movie isn’t just about those little yellow eggs you find inside of Kinder Surprises. Because the streets of New York are filled with movie posters featuring these creatures — and nothing else. Where is Gru, the evil “villain” voiced by Carell in the film? Apparently, he’s getting his minions to do all his publicity work for him too. What a diva.

Based solely on these posters, what would you think Despicable Me is about, PopWatchers? (Shrunken Homer Simpson heads?) Have the ads piqued your curiosity? And what species are those minions anyway? (P.S. For further explanation of the plot, check out this exclusive clip from the movie.)

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