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June 25, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

TV Vamps It Up
Just when I thought the Florida summer couldn’t get any hotter, the True Blood issue landed in my mailbox — yowza! The Sookie Stackhouse books are a guilty pleasure, and your article about Blood‘s third season has major teasers for fans of the series. Bring on the heat, and the hot summer shows.
Kara Schickowski
Fort Lauderdale

Summer Fizzle
I thoroughly enjoyed Mark Harris’ essay ”What’s Wrong With This Summer’s Movies?” I’m the kind of moviegoer who used to hit the box office every weekend if I could. But not only are the many sequels, threequels, and Shrek fourquels becoming bland, but plotlines for ”original” movies this year garner more rude laughs than sincere ones. I’m depressed to think I’ve taken the last few summers for granted; the only movies I’m currently looking forward to are Toy Story 3, Inception, and The Other Guys. Thanks for showing me I haven’t lost my love for the cinema, but rather lost my appetite for what’s in front of me.
Katie Anderson
Citrus Heights, Calif.

Critical words aside, could the real reason that movie attendance is so low be because the price of admission and snacks costs as much as a vacation?
Peggy Scott
Waldorf, Md.

The Teflon Actor
I’ve been saying for years that Two and a Half Men‘s audiences and producers have been way too lenient with Charlie Sheen. Sure, it’s a top-rated show and he’s funny, but come on. It does seem as if the writers have taken their cues from Sheen’s real life, and frankly, I’m tired of watching a cad get laughs.
Allison Bauman

In Memoriam
Though I appreciated your retrospective of Dennis Hopper’s more memorable performances, I wish you had mentioned his bad-biker role in 1967’s The Glory Stompers. This film helped him transform from a Hollywood-establishment character actor into a nonconformist auteur, as evidenced by his subsequent helming of Easy Rider.
Steven Ryan
Blacksburg, Va.

Surreal Genius
Thanks for the info on the band La Roux. My husband kept begging me to watch the ”Bulletproof” video. Now I can see why he was so fascinated — it’s as if M.C. Escher had done a life-size rotating ”Designer Series” Trapper Keeper.
Nicole McNeil
Tacoma, Wash.

Canadian Ham
Your edifying article ”Rebuilding The A-Team clearly explained why and how this 1980s TV show was updated and remade as a movie. But one crucial question remains unanswered: Since the movie was filmed here in Canada, shouldn’t it have been retitled The Team, Eh?
Edward Finn

Reader Robert Basso of Harrisburg, Pa., had a fang to pick with us concerning our True Blood cover image: ”The cover did not seem visually correct. The fang distance for Stephen Moyer, point to point, measures 8 cm+, since his face is at an angle, and Alexander Skarsgard’s fang distance measures 8.5 cm, but Anna Paquin’s bite marks are 7 cm center to center. Therefore, who was it that bit her lovely neck?”
The editors respond: We applaud your attention to detail, Robert, but we think it’s time you got some sunlight.

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