Tim Stack
June 25, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The TV sensation has spawned a live musical, five best-selling albums, and a young-adult book series. So when rumors circulated that Glee would be getting the big-screen treatment, it seemed plausible. Not so fast, says co-creator Ryan Murphy, who promises that as long as he’s running things there will be no Glee movie: ”I would rather put that effort into the show.” So what is in the future for Glee? Plenty of new cast members, including singer Charice, who will play an exchange student, and John Stamos, who steps in as Emma’s new dentist boyfriend. But Murphy swears that these additions will not take away from beloved regulars like Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, and Matthew Morrison. ”They’re really there to support the main characters’ stories — like John Stamos is always going to be a part of Will’s story,” says Murphy. ”The emphasis in the second season is on our original characters even though we’re adding a few smaller parts. You’re gonna get more backstory on all of these kids.” One fan favorite getting a major boost next season will be Brittany, played by Heather Morris. The dim Cheerio will get her own episode in the fall, thanks in part to crowd reaction during Glee‘s recent concert tour. Says Murphy, ”I feel an obligation to write more for people we already have that are great.”

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