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EW Exclusive: First look at the trailer for Tonya Hurleys 'ghostgirl: Lovesick'


ghostgirlThe trailer for the third novel in the Tonya Hurley’s ghostgirl series has got a definite Tim Burton vibe. From the Beetlejuicy graveyard to the spidery trees to the “Ever Feel Invisible?” scrawled on a locker, it screams Hot Topic Gothic. The stop-motion is actually pretty impressive for a book trailer, and the haunting song is an original produced by Vince Clarke, formerly of Depeche Mode and Yaz. Ghostgirl: Lovesick is set to hit stores in July. Check out the trailer after the jump.

What do you think? Fans of ghostgirl, excited for the third book?

Originally posted June 29 2010 — 12:15 PM EDT


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