Annie Barrett
June 30, 2010 AT 02:41 PM EDT

While scouring the Late Show website for my first glimpse of how USA soccer star Landon Donovan looks draped in biz-cazh instead of nylon-mesh, I came across another of last night’s interviews: Dolly Parton, who became thoroughly turned on by Dave during a discussion of Johnny Cash’s sex appeal and then squealed “Yay!”

Look at Dolly Parton’s outfit! Look at her hair! Slezak and I were just discussing how, despite the extreme and blissfully anachronistic nature of Dolly Parton’s hair and fashion, they barely faze us because she is Dolly Parton. Of course this is how Dolly Parton looks on a talk show in 2010. Don’t be ridiculous. Dolly and Donovan are embedded after the jump.

Dolly Parton never met Elvis, and the stupid ad that plays beforehand is making me prematurely hungry for lunch even though I just ate a bacon-egg-and-cheese wrap:

Landon Donovan talks crooked refs and extra balls:

Do you ever wish you could wear a Dolly Parton costume in public without the constant fear that the men in white coats will whisk you away?

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