Adam Markovitz
July 02, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Justin Long: How did we make it look like we liked each other in this movie?

Drew Barrymore: We know each other’s buttons and sense of humor. It’s not every day you go to work with someone you know as well as I know you.

Long: For me, it made [the love scenes] so much easier and far less technical. I mean, it’s inherently strange just because you’re surrounded by people, most of whom are, like, 200-pound hairy men.

Barrymore: That’s what does it for me.

Long: She loves bears.

Barrymore: I also related to this story so much, because these are the complexities I’m dealing with in my life about work and love. My whole life has been long-distance.

Long: I think it’s pretty universal.

Barrymore: We improvised in character and tried to be honest about all the things that we understand about life with each other. We thought we could bring something real to it.

Long: I think it’s only kind of natural that you bring an element of yourself to something like this.

Barrymore: He’s also naked a lot in the movie.

Long: They were like, ”Justin! We’re shooting! Somebody cover him up!”

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