Dave Karger
July 02, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”That Janet Jackson song ‘When I Think of You’ [from 1986] reminds me of this apartment I had in the East Village. Even though it’s not a punk song, when I was living there it was very much the punk days. My younger brother and his friends would come over, and my friends. Our place was kind of like the hub of a lot of activity. It was just a go-to song — put it on and have a dance break. I can still see my friend Barnaby dancing on my butcher-block kitchen table.”

Tomei, 45, has been turning in great work in unconventional love stories like The Wrestler. Catch her in this summer’s Cyrus, where she finds herself in a love triangle of sorts with her new boyfriend (John C. Reilly) and grown son (Jonah Hill).

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