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Razzie watch

''Killers,'' ''Jonah Hex,'' and more early front-runners for the worst performances of the year

We know what could be competing for Hollywood’s top prize, but what’s looking good — er, bad — for Oscar’s dishonorable cousin, the Razzies? Plenty, according to John Wilson, an L.A.-based copywriter who founded the Golden Raspberry Awards in 1981 after watching a double feature of Xanadu and Can’t Stop the Music. Sandra Bullock gave the annual tongue-in-cheek event a publicity boost earlier this year when she picked up her Worst Actress prize in person, and Wilson now hopes to televise the 2011 ceremony. ”We try to stress the humor of what we’re doing,” he says. ”It doesn’t mean that what we’re picking on doesn’t suck — it’s just not as nasty if you do it in a funny way.” Here, his picks for some early front-runners.


Gerard Butler, The Bounty Hunter

”He was in three rotten movies last year and somehow managed not to be nominated. Hopefully he won’t escape his due this year.”



”To me, that’s such an obvious rip-off of the Brangelina movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. All they did was change the title page.”


Megan Fox, Jonah Hex

”She barely escaped winning Worst Actress in 2009 for Jennifer’s Body and Transformers 2. If Bullock hadn’t been in the category with her, she would have won.”


Clash of the Titans

”We’re thinking about doing this as a special category. Clash of the Titans caused migraine headaches all over the country.”