Sandra Gonzalez
July 06, 2010 AT 08:20 PM EDT

Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSWatching the first season of Big Brother now is a lot like looking at your old junior high photographs: You feel reminiscent but mostly embarrassed. Yet, you know you wouldn’t be where you are now without that awkward time. My, how you’ve grown BB.

The progression was brought to my attention today when I read that the show debuted ten years ago tonight and began watching clips from past seasons. But as with all moments of reflection, I concluded with a mass judgment that I’ll probably regret later: My favorite three seasons were 4, 5, and 7.

Here’s why (I’m typing the rest of this quickly before I change my mind):

Season 4: Because I have bad taste, I liked the X-factor twist. And I had this strange fondness for Jack — maybe because he was a cool, former FBI agent, or maybe because I’m sort of fascinated by people who vaguely look like obscure actors (Matt Frewer, anyone?).

Season 5: Four horsemen!

Season 7: I’m usually disappointed by “All-Star” anything, but it really doesn’t get better than this group of houseguests. Plus, Mike and Will were a little evil, a little cute, a little (too?) metrosexual, and very entertaining.

Now your turn. So far, what has been your favorite season of Big Brother? Vote below in our poll, and if you have more, leave a comment. See you Thursday night!

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