Sandra Gonzalez
July 08, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSA little over a week ago, we introduced you to the Big Brother cast of season 12. But tonight (<< Sorry, I had to), we really got to know the cast in the one-hour introduction to yet another summer of walking into work bleary-eyed after a long evening of watching live feeds. And let’s face it — most of the success of a season hinges on how interesting the cast is. So what’s the verdict? Let’s break it down using my Big Brother check list.[SPOILER ALERT, West Coasters!]

+ Heartthrobs? Check.

Between He-of-the-Bieber-‘do (and first HOH) Hayden, Brendon the swim coach, and Lane (who doesn’t like thinking), we’re all set on this one.

+ One or more houseguests that remind us of a former contestant? Check.

There are a couple, but the most obvious was Kristen is a bit like Alison Irwin: Sporty and unsuspecting. She’s one to watch.

+ A twist? Check.

We all were wary of the Saboteur twist, but when the houseguests got locked out of their food supply, that’s when I realized this Saboteur isn’t joking around. We get to suffer with the houseguests for one week regarding Sabo’s identity, but I’m taking your guesses now in the comments. The shadowy figure they showed on screen stood a little like a girl, but they could be throwing us off. Oh, Big Brother, you sneaky minx.

+ Sexual innuendos? Check mate!

The first HOH competition involved the houseguests jumping on to a slippery hot dog. I missed this show.

+ Villain? Check?

It might be a bit too early to tell, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon. The important thing is that this person maintain a delicate balance. We have to hate this person enough to tune in every week to wish him (or her) ill but not so much that this person crosses the line and becomes unwatchable. Time will tell. And I don’t think the person we hate will necessarily be the Saboteur — because that would be too simple.

But now comes the big question: Are you ready to devote another summer to Big Brother? Has the premiere hooked you? I’m in this for the long haul, who’s with me? Sound off below. And keep an eye out for both the full TV Watch and for Julie Chen’s guest blog. Yes, people, she’s back! Happy season!

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