Tanner Stransky
July 09, 2010 AT 01:19 PM EDT

Even rain can’t hold Lady Gaga down! Despite intermittent pouring showers, an estimated 18,000 fans showed up to New York City’s iconic Rockefeller Plaza to watch Lady Gaga do her thing this morning on the Today show. And despite it being a somewhat sanitized performance (unless you consider exposed bras risqué), it was a totally solid, soaking-wet show. Did you know this girl can siiiiing? She certainly proved that.

But maybe, too, her fans’ rain-soaked resilience was brought to you by pizza: The Today hosts revealed that Gaga sent loads of NYC pies to the throngs who’d been waiting in the plaza since Tuesday. That little move, set up by her PR team or whatever I don’t care, makes me love her more.

But to the performance! While sitting at the piano, Gaga started with a appropriately jazzy (since she’s in NYC!) few bars from “Someone to Watch Over Me” before moving into her megahit “Bad Romance.” At first, the staging had a sort of bordello vibe to it. And she even injected a little of her “Someone to Watch Over Me” jazz into the first few seconds of “Bad Romance,” which had me thinking: Jazz versions of The Fame and The Fame Monster? Yes, please.

Watch Gaga’s performance here:

One other thing I noted during this part of the show was the camera cuts to the teeming audience—there were kids everywhere! Of course Gaga is, like, the biggest musical superstar on the planet at this moment, but I’m always surprised at how diverse her fans are. Little babies! Frumpy dumpy moms from the Midwest! Stringy-haired teen girls! It’s a good thing, then, that Ms. Gags decided to sort of tone down the performance, taking a little of her usual freakshow out of the show. Of course, that makes sense for Today, too. National broadcast television, I suppose, doesn’t need Gaga wearing a mini-dress that shoots flames from her boobs and nether region. Also, the camera cut to Today show fourth hour host (and Tanner fave!!) Hoda Kotb in the audience. That just made me smile. Hoda rules!

A quick interview by Ann Curry and Meredith Viera found Gaga constantly praising her fans and telling them, “Don’t cry, angels! It’s a beautiful day!” And, surprise—Gaga decided to then sing her slow and piano-laced song from her upcoming album, “You and I,” which has been a staple on her current concert tour. “It was written about the most important person I’ve ever met,” she told the crowd (this guy?), all while—and honestly, I just can’t with this detail because it’s so awesome—she sipped tea from a china cup. Classy!

Then, Ann asked who inspired her fashions. Gaga’s response? “You do! You inspire me! I get so destructive on stage, just staring at all your clothes.” Now, I’m hoping she was talking to her fans and not Ann Curry because…sensible suits and dresses for Today‘s news gal? No, Ann Curry can’t be the inspiration. Gaga finished the show, fully rolling around in the rain, singing “Teeth,” which needs to get some radio airplay and become a thing already. Right? Amazing set, amazing voice, amazing resilience.

Little Monsters, did you all watch this morning? What’d you think? Applauding Gaga for going on in the rain?

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