Margaret Lyons
July 11, 2010 AT 11:35 AM EDT

What if the second coming of David Tennant was a choir director? He is. And his name is Gareth Malone, and at long last, the hit British doc series The Choir has come to American shores. And it is glorious.

Malone headed to a school without a chorus or much of a music program to set up a competitive choir, and take them to the choral “olympics” in China. The show follows a predictable narrative — a series of rough auditions, some tough-love rehearsals, a few emotional goodbyes, and a final performance that’ll bring you to tears. And yet! It’s so good. Malone’s as charming a protagonist as documentary television has ever unearthed, and if you can’t love a choir of British school kids singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” your heart is made of stone.

I’ve been waiting for this show for months, and now that it’s here, I’m totally jazzed. What about you, PopWatchers? Did you watch The Choir?

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