Mandi Bierly
July 15, 2010 AT 10:53 PM EDT

Image Credit: Blair Bunting/Getty ImagesIf you missed Tuesday’s episode of Deadliest Catch, which, with 8.5 million viewers became the third highest-rated Discovery Channel broadcast of all time, you can watch a repeat tonight at 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. ET. We don’t normally feel the need to bring repeats to your attention, but we’ve heard from a number of readers who said they didn’t see Capt. Phil’s final episode but cried reading our recap. You can tell from reading the thoughtful comments left on that post that anyone who’s ever nursed or lost a parent related to what Phil’s boys, particularly Josh, experienced. (I know I paused the episode and cried after Josh’s heart-to-heart with Phil when he assured him that he’d been a good father and admitted that he was trying to be strong and not cry in front of him, then had to leave the room. My father has been battling an illness for nearly five years, and I remember the moment last October that I had to excuse myself to go sob in the bathroom like it was yesterday.)

I haven’t been able to get the final moments, the montage that draws parallels between Phil’s last stand and the fleet’s war with the raging Bering Sea, out of my head. Set to Johnny Cash’s “Redemption Day,” it’s just perfection. As painful as it is to hear that Phil is gone, when you see the Northwestern burst through that wave at 5:45, you’re reminded that Phil, who would have had that same smile as Sig had it been the Cornelia Marie, had really lived.

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