Keith Staskiewicz
July 15, 2010 AT 04:19 PM EDT

Image Credit: Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotoSet your faces to stunned because the new, all-encompassing re-launch of is upon us. The website, which went live this morning, handles all things Starfleet and is meant to be the official online destination for Trekkies everywhere. It covers all incarnations of the venerable Roddenberry franchise, including the new movie, so even if you are among the many for whom the initials TOS mean nothing, there’s still something here for you.

In a statement on the site, the original Spock, Leonard Nimoy, confesses he finds the new website entirely logical, welcoming visitors, saying, “To those of you who have been with us for so long, my sincere thanks for your interest.  For those of you who are new to Star Trek, who are discovering it through the recent movie and are about to explore the franchise in its infinite diversity… welcome.  Come aboard and enjoy.”

It’s not the flashiest-looking site, but that totally works for me. I was always more into the slight cheesiness of green body paint and William Shatner’s judo chops than the shiny surfaces and lens flares of the reboot. Plus, the databases are almost mind-meldingly comprehensive. But what do you think, PopWatchers? Like the new site? Ready to surf long and prosper?

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