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'True Blood''s new blood

Denis O'Hare, Theor Alexander, and Joe Managaniello join the cast of HBO's vampire drama

They’re scary, sexy, and ready to make trouble in Bon Temps. Get to know the colorful characters — including vampires, a werewolf, and a very mysterious blonde — who have infiltrated season 3 of HBO’s hit drama.

Denis O’Hare
Stars as Russell Edgington, the King of Mississippi who kidnapped Bill (Stephen Moyer)

Where you’ve seen him In addition to nearly 30 years of theater experience (he won a Tony for Take Me Out in 2003), the 48-year-old has appeared on the big screen in Milk, and on TV shows including The Good Wife.

Feeding time True Blood’s fake blood is made of a sugary syrup, and for O’Hare, getting the unappetizing goo down is just a matter of commitment. ”If you’re in the moment, it’s actually really fun,” he says. ”It’s only after, when you’re thinking about it, that you get the shakes.”

Say it, don’t spray it O’Hare says sibilant-heavy scenes are a particular challenge when he’s wearing his ”speaking” fangs (the actors wear soft fangs for biting): ”The hardest thing is when you say a lot of S’s. ‘Stand right there, Sookie Stackhouse!’ Inevitably, I have tons of S’s.”

What’s next for Russell Power is as vital to the King’s livelihood as human blood, but his never-ending appetite for political play is his downfall. ”My trajectory is a tragic one,” says O’Hare. ”At one point I end up with rotten teeth.”

Theo Alexander

Stars as Talbot, Russell’s droll royal consort

Where you’ve seen him A relative newcomer, the 29-year-old Alexander played a Greek mafioso on Chuck and a circus acrobat on Pushing Daisies.

Sneak Greek Talbot was conceived as a British character, but Alexander’s agent persuaded the show’s casting director to see her Athens-born client. ”When I read it, I said, ‘He’s very sensual, he’s very Dionysian, he’s very Socratic,’ ” says Alexander. ”He reminded me of Greek royalty. I wore my kimono [to the audition] because he’s wearing his robe in the first scene.”

Backstory time Three weeks before shooting began, Alexander and O’Hare created their own tale of how the couple came to be. ”We had to create 700 years of relationship, the ups and downs,” says Alexander. ”It was a lot of fun.”

Mama as muse Alexander credits his mother for inspiring some of Talbot’s comic histrionics: ”Greek wives take it to the extreme. If you break something, ?Oh my God! It’s a tragedy! We can never replace it! What are we going to do now?’ ”

What’s next for Talbot Don’t expect the King’s beautiful boy toy to pipe up only when his cherished tapestries are manhandled. Says True Blood creator Alan Ball, ”Talbot plays into the plot in a way that will have pretty far-reaching consequences for a lot of people.”