Adam B. Vary
July 22, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The cast of Red — the comedy thriller, out Oct 15, about a team of retired assassins thrown back into the business — stopped by the video suite at San Diego Comic-Con today, and they were in a lively mood. Helen Mirren, sporting a t-shirt commemorating the passing of legendary graphic novel writer Harvey Pekar, talked about shooting heavy-duty firearms, while Karl Urban waxed poetic on the sight of Mirren holding a sniper rifle. A loose and playful Bruce Willis give a brief explanation (of sorts) on the film’s plot, adapted from a Warren Ellis graphic novel. Then he attempted to figure out what sexy costume would best work on co-star Mary-Louise Parker, who for her part spent her time campaigning to star in a Pixar movie. Check out our interview after the jump:

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