Michael Slezak
July 22, 2010 AT 05:28 PM EDT

I know Stone is, by all reasonable estimations, being billed as a Robert De Niro-Edward Norton thriller. But you won’t judge me if I’m equally excited about the prospect of seeing Milla Jovovich sink her teeth into a role that’s a little meatier than Alice from the Resident Evil series, will you? Watch the new trailer for the Oct. 8 drama below before you head down to the comments and tell me I’m a crazy person. Yes, yes, there’s something a little cliched about the “days before his retirement…weeks until his parole…a moment away from the biggest mistake of their lives” theme. But you can’t judge a film by its tagline, and the trailer leaves enough questions unanswered that I’m more than moderately intrigued. You?

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