Mandi Bierly
July 22, 2010 AT 05:30 PM EDT

Image Credit: Mathieu Young/FoxIs it possible that the girls in the So You Think You Can Dance pit who love them some Kent are more annoying than the Idol Swaybots? I really didn’t want host Cat Deeley to encourage them last night. I can see where she and the producers would think it helps the at-home audience to feel the energy there, but really, it just makes me want to not vote for Kent so I don’t have to hear the squealing next week. It’s at the point where it’s overshadowing his talent, so even when the audience goes crazy when he’s actually dancing, I have to wonder if, say, last night’s step routine with tWtich was really that amazing — or if it’s just great and he still has that killer smile. I’m not saying I don’t believe in loud audience participation. I’m just saying it should only come during or after performances (like ballet dancer Alex’s now legendary hip-hop routine with tWitch). Or when a move is so brilliant you want to rewind it 10 times (like Lauren riding tWitch off the stage in their high-noon themed hip-hop number last night, embedded below). 


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