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July 23, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

All Fired Up
Thank you so much for your Q&A with Denis Leary! I waited a very long nine months for Rescue Me to return to FX, and would always hold my breath looking through EW, trying to find a story about him. I am not looking forward to the end of the series next year (though maybe it will give you an excuse to picture Leary in full fire gear!).
Janet Taylor
Langhorne, Pa.

I’m appalled that you didn’t include Green Day’s American Idiot on your Stage Must List. As a twentysomething, I have to say that there hasn’t been a Broadway show that’s hit such a powerful nerve with my generation since Rent. Maybe it doesn’t appeal to everyone, but this show nails the issues of my age group with laser intensity.
Amanda Healy

Mutant Enemies
Do PopWatch poll voters live above the Hellmouth? To choose Dollhouse as Joss Whedon’s best work over Buffy the Vampire Slayer is downright demonic. The Buffy episodes ”Hush” and ”Once More, With Feeling” set the standard for writing and direction. I call upon all honorary Scooby Gang members to unite and demand a recount!
Amber Elsom
Ann Arbor, Mich.

While I understand why it was omitted, I still believe Joss Whedon’s work on the Astonishing X-Men comic-book series should have been part of the poll about his finest offerings. He wrote one of the best mutant-related story lines in years (”Gifted,” issues 1-6). And among other feats, he included a scene later in the series in which Spider-Man was forced to punch Storm in the face!
Chris Gordon
New Ulm, Minn.

Tale of Woe
In response to Stephen King’s ”My Must Summer Reads”: How disheartening that 42 percent of college grads never read another book after college. I’m a student who longs for breaks where I can read something that’s not part of the curriculum. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go add some of Mr. King’s picks to my ever-growing to-read list.
Brian English
Streamwood, Ill.

Summer Must List Stars Turn Up The Heat
K-Stew and R-Pattz who? More than a few of you remarked on the pinup worthiness of White Collar‘s Matt Bomer and Cyrus‘ Marisa Tomei. (M-Bom? M-Tom? Nah…)

He’s got piercing blue eyes, a knowing smile, and so much charm it should be a weapon of mass destruction. Matt Bomer is the reason I’m in front of the TV every Tuesday night.
Darbie Garcia, Fernandina Beach, Fla.

Thank you for the splendid photo of Marisa Tomei. At 45, she is just as lovely as ever. It’s too bad that despite her Oscar, she has never achieved the superstardom a classy lady with her looks and talent deserves.
Robert B. Cummings, Nashua, N.H.

Office Politics: Filling Carell’s Shoes
Say it ain’t so, Michael Scott! It’s no secret that Steve Carell will be leaving the Office fold in May 2011. So readers took a cue from our own Michael Ausiello and recruited candidates for Dunder Mifflin regional manager.

John Lithgow
He is the only person who would be capable of replacing Steve Carell on the show.
J. Herder, Huntington Beach, Calif.

Rhys Darby
I’ll be sad to see Steve Carell leave The Office, but Murray from Flight of the Conchords would be a great replacement.
Gurinder S. Sidhu, Selma, Calif.

Laurie Metcalf
Not only was she one of the funniest characters on Roseanne, she deserves to be back on TV. And I can just see her now, behind that desk, going at it with Dwight.
Jenna Cameron, Derry, N.H.

I think that when Steve Carell goes, The Office should be over. It won’t be half as good without our protagonist Michael.
Thomas Guarnieri, Frankfort, Ky.

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