Tim Stack
July 23, 2010 AT 05:08 PM EDT

By now we all know that the Jersey Shore kids love a nice trip to the tanning salon. Well, now I kinda do, too. Back in May, I was lucky enough to travel down to Miami and spend two days with The Situation, Snooki, J-Woww, and their pals while they shot season 2 of MTV’s huge hit.

The second morning, we (I was accompanied by Jersey Shore‘s executive producer Sally Ann Salsano) followed Snooki and J-Woww on a gym and tanning trip (basically GT minus the L). J-Woww definitely got her workout on, but Snooki seemed a little less dedicated as evidenced by her cocktail in hand while on the treadmill and bunny slippers covering her feet. But then came the tanning salon. Now full confession: I’m half Irish and have the skin tone of a leprechaun. But with a little prodding from Snooki (I believe the sentence “You’ll look so much sexier” was bandied about), I had my first spray tan. And, um, I kinda loved the results.

The above photo is the three of us a few hours later at one of the gals’ fave bars on Miami Beach, sipping their favorite drink, the Miami Vice (a mix of piña colada and strawberry daiquiri). Shortly after that photo was taken, Snooki began dry-humping one of those inflatable Corona bottles in the background. It was oddly moving.

Salsano, meanwhile, is already readying other incarnations of her hit show, including one focusing on Persians and one set in the South. “I’m not taking a bunch of people and throwing them in a house with a different ethnic background,” she says. “That’s what everyone assumes, but that’s not what it is. Some of them are family-based comedies. It also becomes the type of thing where if you don’t do it, then someone else is gonna.”

For more on season 2 of Jersey Shore, including details on their recent salary renegotiations, pick up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands now!

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