Mandi Bierly
July 23, 2010 AT 05:37 PM EDT

Image Credit: Rico TorresRobert Rodriguez has confirmed what anyone who saw Predators concluded from the ending — he’s hoping to do a sequel. At Comic-Con, Rodriguez told IGN that Fox had asked him to keep the recent release, which was directed by Nimród Antal, “pretty contained, pretty scaled-back,” because they only wanted to set up the new world the trained killing machines (including Adrien Brody and Alice Braga, pictured) were dropped on as prey. A second film would be bigger, crazier.

Rodriguez said he expects to soon be hearing pitches from writers. (He hasn’t  yet responded to EW’s calls for comment regarding what he hopes to see in a sequel.) But what would you like to see happen in the sequel? SPOILER ALERT!

Considering Brody and Braga were the only two who survived in the film, is it wrong that I’m hoping for a baby à la The Blue Lagoon? Okay, yes. It would never work. But maybe she figures out she’s pregnant. They could stumble upon a disgusting kill, and she could vomit. Brody, who’s already walking again, would say in that deep, out-of-breath voice, “I thought you had a stronger stomach.” She’d say, “I do. I’ve seen worse.” He’d stop in his tracks, and turn to look her. Now they really need to get the hell off that planet.

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