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Harrison Ford (in handcuffs!) makes his first appearance at Comic-Con for 'Cowboys & Aliens'

When Iron Man director Jon Favreau appeared onstage inside Comic-Con’s legendary Hall H to briefly discuss his upcoming Western-alien invasion hybrid, Cowboys & Aliens, the crowd showered him with applause worthy of a god. Little did the audience know that an even bigger idol of the movie geek community was about to make his very first Comic-Con appearance. That’s right, Harrison Ford has finally entered the Con.

After Favreau introduced Cowboys & Aliens costars Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, and Sam Rockwell, a bewildered Ford was “escorted” onstage in handcuffs by Comic-Con guards. (According to a Universal Pictures rep, the gag was meant to play off the idea that Ford was being “dragged” to the convention against his will; however, the actor’s entrance also echoed an actual assault that occurred an hour earlier in Hall H, after which the alleged assailant was taken out of Hall H in handcuffs). Nevertheless, the entire audience quickly rose to its feet to wildly embrace Ford. During a (very) brief Q&A, Ford answered only one question, pertaining to whether he ever anticipated becoming a celebrity. “No, I just wanted to make a living as an actor,” Ford said. “I didn’t know about all of this,” referencing the 6,000 ecstatic fans in the audience.

(Additional reporting by Adam B. Vary)

Originally posted July 24 2010 — 11:34 PM EDT


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