Jessica Shaw
July 25, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT


I hate it when the self-described “diabolical genius” makes some ridiculous proclamation about how he’s going to win HoH and then…..okay, tune out here, people who haven’t seen Sunday night’s Big Brother because we’re dishing Head of Household and nominations….he does! Matt, the tattooed, three-and-a-half foot tall (at least according to Brendon), evil eye-courting liar looked cool as a cucumber on that surfboard and sure enough, he had no problem gliding right to victory. As for his nominations? I can’t say I think they’re so brilliant. I can see making a deal with Rachel and Brendon that he’ll put only one of them up instead of both, but saving both of them has major risks of no one playing the veto. And I fear the sheriff won’t be voted out if the veto isn’t played; rather, my favorite Yiddish-user (“My tuches got pushed!”) Andrew will head home. And hasn’t he suffered enough? He’s either staying in a room with Weird Science (Rachel and Brendon) or enduring the secret makeout sessions of the Prom King and Queen (Hayden and Kristen). Let’s just hope someone uses the veto this week and Boobs McVegas gets sent back to the chem lab from which she came. One last note before I leave you to your dissection of tonight’s nominations: Who knew Lane would be the best comic relief of the season? My favorite lines of the night: “Inside I’m saying, ‘Matt, I wanna punch you in the face but in a good way'” and, of course, “I’ve role played a couple of times, mostly with horses and cows.” Bless him and his wonderfully camera-ready brain. What did you all think of Matt’s move? Diabolical genius or just dumb—?

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