Annie Barrett
July 25, 2010 AT 05:03 PM EDT

Image Credit: AMCIn honor of Mad Men’s fourth season (FINALLY) debuting tonight, let’s all name the four things we’d most like to see in tonight’s premiere.

1. Casual Friday implemented at the new Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce so we can feast on at least one gratuitous shot of Don Draper in leisurewear

2. At least a passing reference to dearly departed Sal

3. Sally Draper threatens to burn training bra; Betty makes proper use of Victorian fainting couch

4. Many more than two scoops of Joan, the real brains behind the operation

After the jump, a few Mad Men-themed internet gems that could help as you meditate on the emergency of having nothing to do until 10/9c tonight.

Three seasons of Mad Men in less than five minutes [Gawker TV]

My favorite part is the description of Betty’s father: “He’s a handful.”

The Periodic Table of Mad Men [Flavorwire]

Favorite elements: “Betty in Italy (Bi) as one of Don’s girlfriends, “Washing Machine (Wm) as a Misc. temptation, “Girdles (G)” and “Carla (C).”

Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce job interview [AMC]. All of the heavy hitters will ask you a question! Don’s is the best. Look for some uncharacteristically voluminous Peggy Olson hair on question 2! I’ve been offered the position of Marketing Manager, which is insane.

What’s on your Mad Men wish list, and how are you mentally preparing for the most important night of the summer?

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