Sandra Gonzalez
July 26, 2010 AT 10:26 PM EDT

Image Credit: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage.comI didn’t go to Comic-Con this year. It’s an unfunny story, actually: Shortly after buying my Comic-Con ticket, I moved to New York. After realizing it wouldn’t be a smart move to make an expensive commitment right after moving, I got a refund for my ticket. It was one of those decisions that makes you realize you’re turning into an adult — and it really sucks. “But,” I told myself, “there will be other years.”

Well, I don’t have to tell you that this wasn’t just any year, PopWatchers.

No, this year, Joss Whedon was there talking about his next big project, The Avengers. He took the stage with J.J. Abrams. The cast of True Blood attended, as did the gangs from The Big Bang Theory, Glee, and Community. Ryan Reynolds and Wentworth Miller, two long-time members of my list of lust, were there as well. Cue my jealous twitching.

As fun as it was to follow the coverage of it all, I was still pretty devastated watching it unravel this weekend. My biggest regret is missing those guys in the photo to the left. Yea, those guys. I would have given a vital organ to see the boys from Supernatural in person (no appendages — those are mine for the keeping). You see, I’m always worried about never having a chance to experience the fandemonium in person. What if the cast decides not to show up next year? Or (God forbid!) the show gets canceled. That’s not to say I think Supernatural will end after its sixth season, but it’s always a genuine concern of mine with any of my favorite shows.

My wallet is still glad I didn’t go, but I’m not. What about you, PopWatchers? To those of you who didn’t go to Comic-Con, which panel would you have given a vital organ (or valuable possession) to see? You can tell me. This is a space of non-judgment and love — and speaking of which, everyone who went to Comic-Con can get the hell out. (Kidding! That my bitter talking.)



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