By Adam B. Vary
July 26, 2010 at 04:59 PM EDT

Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesOne of the biggest stories out of Comic-Con was easily the introduction of The Avengers, Marvel Studios’ ambitious plan to tie together its various superhero movies into one omnibus superhero mega-movie. Along with presenting the entire Avengers cast, two major cinematic pieces of Marvel’s larger mythological mosaic also made their debut at Comic-Con: Captain America, starring Chris Evans (pictured, right) as a U.S. super-soldier in WWII; and Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth (pictured, left) as a Nordic god who finds himself (and his iconic hammer) cast down to Earth. Along with The Two Chrises (or is that The Two Chris’s? The Two Chrisers? Or should I go formal with The Two Christophers?), I got a chance to chat with the respective directors of both films, Joe Johnston and Kenneth Branagh — Johnston, who’s only been shooting Captain America for two weeks, even gave EW a pretty cool first look exclusive. As for the other co-stars in the film, all I can say is never hand Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings a chance to make a double entendre, because those ladies will run with it.

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So what do you make of these two new Marvel movies, PopWatchers?