Kate Ward
July 27, 2010 AT 05:19 PM EDT

  • The Golden Girls will be adapted for Spanish audiences, starring Carmen Maura, Concho Velasco, Lola Herrera, and Alicia Hermida. Counting down the hours until “Carmen Maura to host Sábado Noche en Directo (please?)” launches on Facebook. [Variety]
  • Brett Ratner’s Rat Entertainment has acquired The Unknowns, which follows a heroine whose memory of being the leader of a strange, mysterious group was erased. [Variety]
  • Epix has nabbed the rights to Louis C.K.’s stand-up concert film, Louis C.K.: Hilarious. More like Louis C.K.: Busy — this year, the comedian has also boasted a new sitcom, Louie, and a stint on Parks and Recreation. [Variety]
  • CBS Films has optioned Jane Moore’s 2003 novel, The Ex Files, which centers on a couple who invites their ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends to their wedding. To avoid confusion with former Fox series The X-Files, the title will be altered to The Exes, which is a shame because the Peacock Family would have been the perfect guests for table 9. [Deadline]

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