Jeff Labrecque
July 28, 2010 AT 03:39 PM EDT

Stephen Colbert has met his match. On last night’s show, he welcomed famed act-eur and “great Shakespearean grunter” Kevin Kline to his studio, where they discussed Kline’s new movie, The Extra Man. Apparently, the Oscar-winner is quite good in the film, in which he plays an old-fashioned escort of sorts, but he was simply masterful on the Report. Never has any guest pretended to take the host so seriously. It was like watching two chess grand masters, as Kline absorbed all of Colbert’s buffoonery and earnestly responded with the driest of wit. (The only time he flinched in the slightest was when Colbert threw out Kevin Decline, the nickname Kline was tagged with after turning down so many Hollywood roles.) Their elocution duel turned into a impromptu duet of an acting-class tongue twister, and even if Kline missed a couple of his fricatives, he clearly held his own. (Clip embedded after the jump.)

The two men seemed like kindred comic spirits, as if they attended the same drama summer camp as kids. Can we put the two of them in a movie together? Not even Kline could say no to that.

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