Darren Franich
July 28, 2010 AT 07:56 PM EDT

Like everyone who watches Gossip Girl, I’ve enjoyed seeing Taylor Momsen grow from a delicate teen ingenue into a  proud, beautiful transvestite. But it turns out, not everyone is so happy with the singer/actor/anti-pants activist‘s recent life choices. In a deep-thought Fox News piece, several people with more fun jobs than you criticize Momsen for a recent interview with Disorder Magazine, where she mentioned being “bored of men” and noted that her best friend is a battery-powered adult toy. (Having not seen the actual article, I can’t help but wonder if Momsen is just quoting from every episode of Sex and the City.) According to Dr. Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, “Our society was a much happier place when Annette Funicello pranced around as a ‘Mickey Mouse Mouseketeer,’ and now we have Taylor Momsen prancing around with a dildo in hand.”

Now, naturally, what Donohue meant to say was “Our society was a much happier place for middle-class heterosexual white males who hated communists and loved Nixon,” but this merely brings up a more troubling conundrum. PopWatchers, we all know that liberty brings complications. The rise of the Internet makes information available to everyone…and ensures that teenagers have easy access to Swedish adult films. A library that refuses censorship must carry one copy of Mein Kampf. My question is: Is Taylor Momsen the price we must all pay for freedom? And is it worth it? Take the poll after the jump…

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