Emily Exton
July 29, 2010 AT 03:51 PM EDT

As four more acts advanced to the semifinals of America’s Got Talent last night, we were forced to say goodbye to some lovable characters, including Harmonica Pierre and CJ Dippa. Although their journey came to an end, don’t feel too bad for them just yet: Pierre already has an established music career (he’s released two albums as part of a duo with William Penn, PhD.), while CJ Dippa hasn’t even started high school. (Oh, youth. Things are looking up, kid. I promise.) I felt bad watching the mini-rapper hyperventilate as he waited for the Nick “Lightning” Cannon to read the results. Don’t worry, CJ, there’s always next year (and the year after that, and the year after that…).

Here are the four that did make it through to the semifinals:

Debra Romer: This young singer suffered from stage fright early on in the competition. She seems more comfortable now, but when will the singers begin canceling each other out?

Studio One Young Beasts Society: We’ve seen a ton of dance crews, and yet SOYBS is the first to advance to the semifinals. They’re good but they better keep bringing it in order to be remembered in the coming weeks.

Haspop: The inventive hip-hop dancer mixes the right amount of skill and humor into his routines.

Jeremy Vanschoonhoven: The judges gave the final spot the to stunt cyclist who’s fear-inducing tricks include fire and blindfolds. His act could have just the kind of exciting (yet universally appealing) shock value that the Las Vegas strip is looking for.

It was also the end of the road for Kaya & Sadie, but don’t worry, the belly dancers have a personal invitation…to Howie’s house. Gross.

Do you agree with these four semifinalists? Who are you rooting for?

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