Sandra Gonzalez
July 29, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSI’d begin with something fluffy — maybe a pun or a metaphor — but I honestly can’t think of anything else other than what just went down on Big Brother. So let’s cut to the chase. [Big, fat spoiler alert].

There is only one word to describe tonight’s live eviction episode: (kosher) nuts.

As you recall, when we last left the Big Brother house, deputy sheriff Kathy and podiatrist Andrew were on the block. Andrew was being used as a pawn to oust Kathy after Matt’s poorly constructed plan to backdoor Brendon fell through, and early in this episode, the Brigade was still planning on keeping him around. Oh, how plans change when someone goes crazy.

During his last chance speech before evictions, Andrew dropped a bomb. Well, he dropped a few bombs, actually. Who am I kidding? He was a freaking B-52. Not only did he reveal HAYDEN and Kristen’s “secret” showmance, but he told everyone the things he’d overheard them talking about. None of them were nice. It was a bold move on his part, but a dumb one.  “Captain Kosher” was evicted.

Meanwhile, remember that twist the Big Brother bosses told EW’s Lynette Rice about? Turns out it was that someone else in the house will be offered the position as Saboteur (…and just when we thought we wouldn’t have to stumble over typing that word ever again). You can vote now at CBS.

There’s so much more, but I have a full TV Watch to write. So while I get to work on that, tell me what you thought, PopWatchers. Was Andrew’s last chance speech the most dramatic one in BB history? Who do you think should be offered the position of Saboteur? Oh! And Rachel’s HOH again. Discuss.


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