Michael Ausiello
July 29, 2010 AT 05:27 AM EDT

Medium will kick off its seventh season on Sept. 24 with its freakiest episode to date.

“The season premiere is basically Freaky Friday,” explains executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron, “which is to say Allison becomes her 13-year-old daughter Bridgette, and Bridgette becomes her thirtysomething mother Allison.”

Medium‘s eleventh-hour renewal last May came as quite a shock to Caron, who “killed” his leading lady off in the finale (she was, of course, resurrected in the end). “I did that because I thought it might be the end,” he says. “The problem with the way the business works is the decision to renew or not renew comes very late—well past when the script is due. So I wanted the episode to have some sense of finality.”

That raises the question, What does Caron have planned for this season’s potential (and likely) series finale? “I have no idea,” he shrugged. “I’m still trying to figure out episode 5.”

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