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July 30, 2010 AT 04:00 AM EDT

· Salty goodness
· Katy Perry’s ”Teenage Dream” proves it’s possible for one person to have two songs of summer.
· Busy Philipps’ Twitter feed — amusing musings on Claire Danes, jury duty, and why she’s nothing like Victoria Beckham. And for that last one, we’re grateful.
· Zachary Levi: Nerds are hot.
· Ellen Page in Inception : smart, tough, adorable — and yes, dreamy
· This line from Samantha Bee’s book of essays: ”For about nine years, from the age of three until I was twelve or so, Jesus was totally my boyfriend.”

· Amanda Bynes unretires when she realizes that playing canasta is harder than making movies.
· Tron trailer: best use of neon since the television tube
· Joshua Jackson hosts Pacey-Con, a Dawson’s Creek fest with fan fiction. Sample entry: ”No one could believe it when Joey moved to Hollywood and married the biggest movie star in the world.”
· New Jersey governor says Jersey Shore is bad for his state. He’s obviously just jealous of The Situation’s abs.
· Starving for more of The Hunger Games? Try the board game.
· Carnie Wilson splits with The Newlywed Game. ”We were only making whoopee once a month,” she laments.
· You don’t have to be Bella to get into Robert Pattinson’s pants: Twilight star inspires new line of underwear.

· A woman can become a CEO and run for president, but even Wonder Woman can’t get a superhero movie made.
· This bizarre invitation: ”Join Hotel Casa del Mar for a Summer Evening of Jazz With Molly Ringwald”
· Kings of Leon cancel concert after pigeons poop on them. Apparently the birds were sick of ”Use Somebody” too.
· A Comic-Con fan stabbed a fellow attendee in the face with a pen. These Kirk/Picard rivalries are getting out of hand.
· On Twitter, Kim Kardashian urges a fan not to get plastic surgery to look like her. Meryl Streep sighs, cancels appointment.
· While turning rock songs into choral numbers is great, turning them into symphonies is not. Please take note, David Garrett.
· America’s Got (an iota of) Talent

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