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'Fringe' gets a visit from Howard Stern's Eric... the Actor

You know the alternate universe on Fringe? Well, it’s about to get a visit from the alternate universe of satellite radio’s Howard Stern. The feisty fellow known on Stern’s show as (sorry for the political incorrectness, but

it’s, y’know, Howard Stern) Eric the Midget is going to appear on the second episode of the new season of Fringe. Born Eric Lynch, he wants to be known as Eric the Actor now, and Fringe producers say he was a “delight to work with.”

Various websites have had rumors that Eric will be sporting some prosthetic make-up, but really, we’ll just take Eric the Actor any way we can, in this world or the other.

What do you think of this casting?

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Originally posted August 2 2010 — 10:01 PM EDT


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