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Lunchtime Poll: Beast-Beast or Human-Beast?

A very hairy debate has heated up in today’s Sexy Beast matchups post. Our commenter-beasts are roaring at each other within the PopWatch castle walls – shaking their manes, baring their fangs, chasing their own tails as old as time! Even I don’t know what that means.

The question: Which variation from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is hotter: Beast-Beast or Human-Beast? The answer has been so obvious to me (Beast-Beast!) for two decades that it pains me to even ask. But ask I shall, because I am truly intrigued by those of you who find Human-Beast more attractive. Explain yourselves! And before you do, please note that a quick IMDB search indicates that Human-Beast’s name was “Prince Adam” (?!) and that the weird line above his obscenely unbuttoned homeless-resortwear blouse is not an eyelash on your computer screen or a lame tattoo intended to humorously offset his one strand of jagged hair. Nope. It is cleavage. There it is.

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(Thanks to Darren for taking over while I was away!)

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