Emily Exton
August 05, 2010 AT 04:47 PM EDT

Image Credit: Trae Patton/NBCLast night we got to see the contestants “living the celebrity life” (presumably what they’ll be doing as headliners on the Vegas strip, right next to Paris Hilton and Heidi Montag) as they attended an advance screening of The Other Guys. They even got a few minutes with real celebrities and experienced performers Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Ferrell took a moment to give some constructive criticism: “Mary Anne, you’re bringing sexy back!” And the encouragement continues.

Of course being a celebrity isn’t always this glamorous, and being a potential reality show winner might be the furthest thing from glitz and glam. The judges’ choice came down to ArcAttack and tiny dancers Anna & Patryck. Sharon ultimately chose the electrifying dance group to advance, joining magician Murray SawChuck, singer Taylor Matthews, and opera singer Prince Poppycock in the semifinals. Did the dejected faces of the tweens make you sad?

Next week 11 YouTube performers will enter the mix and perform live, continuing the slow jog to the semifinal round. I’m getting restless over here! It’s at least reassuring that we’ve weeded out some of the questionable acts, and will get to seem some talented, interesting performers go head to head in the next round — ArcAttack vs. Fighting Gravity, Taylor Matthews vs. Michael Grimm, Murray SawChuck vs. Antonio Restivo — that is, if we ever get there.

Do you approve of these semifinalists, PopWatchers? How great was it to see Prince Poppycock in full costume and makeup walking around the streets of Hollywood in broad daylight? Does Bret Michaels’ “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” ever get old?

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