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Kanye West debuts 'Power' video: Yes, but what does it mean??

kanye-west_240.jpg Image Credit: Foc Kan/WireImage.comKanye West debuted his video for “Power” tonight, a short, somewhat confusing burst of imagery that leaves most everything to the imagination. West, draped in heavy gold blingery, stands center frame with the whites of his eyes glowing fiercely against a backdrop evoking the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, if it was painted in the pyramids. Men and women move in slow motion tableau, some bearing obvious Egyptian symbolism (horns evoking the goddess Hathor), some clashing with swords, some just sort of writhing like lost extras from Caligula. You can watch the very short but very crowded clip after the jump. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before West tweets a picture of a fancy sink by way of explanation, but while we’re waiting, what does it all mean, Mixers??

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