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August 09, 2010 AT 07:26 PM EDT

Image Credit: Toni Passig/; Sam UrdankThe Arrested Development movie — one of the year’s biggest will-they-or-won’t-they nail biters — could have a new Friend on its roster. (Okay, the “Friend” thing was a little cornball. You don’t mind.) During a junket for The Switch, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston both told MTV they’d like to see her star in an AD film. “Anything to work with Jason,” Aniston gushed. Bateman claims to already have a role in mind for her, but insists there are no freebies and that “she’ll have to sing for her supper.” Let’s speculate…

Potential Jennifer Aniston characters in the ‘Arrested Development’ movie:

  • Uncle Jack’s (Martin Short’)s new wife
  • Ventriloquist love interest for G.O.B. (possible three- or four-way action including Franklin)
  • the MILF George Michael hooks up with to make Maeby jealous
  • George Sr.’s physical therapist (ample opportunity for physical comedy and for Lucille to scream “that…bitch!” through the walls)
  • Lucille’s new poolside drinking buddy (their systems aren’t used to curly fries)
  • Herself, and Tobias is convinced he’ll be starring opposite her as a “Leading Man” in some movie (“Losing It”?)
  • Other (suggest your own roles for her in the comments)

Anyone else still think the Arrested Development movie is never gonna happen and that this is a really smart way to make people aware of The Switch?

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