Kristen Baldwin
August 09, 2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT

That about says it all, doesn’t it folks? Tonight, the newest experiment in reality TV debauchery began its “journey,” in which 19 former Bachelor and Bachelorette rejects compete for attention, roses, and $250,000. Sure, there are physical competitions — like tonight’s soft-core game of Twister — but you and I both know that Bachelor Pad will live or die on the quality of the contestants’ adventures in bed-hopping and backstabbing. Given the level of ridiculous behavior in tonight’s episode, I’m going to hazard a guess that ABC will ask Bachelor evil genius Mike Fleiss to start casting for Bachelor Pad 2 tomorrow morning. No spoilers here (for all the details, click over to my full Bachelor Pad recap and Chris Harrison’s exclusive Bachelor Pad blog), but what I can tell you is that BP has already justified its existence by giving us the exquisite bathroom showdown between Tenley and Michelle. This is summer guilty pleasure TV at its mind-numbing best, in my humble opinion. But who cares what I think — how did you guys like Bachelor Pad? Are you hooked or horrified? And who would you rather share a bunk bed with, the weatherman or Wes?

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