Keith Staskiewicz
August 11, 2010 AT 07:14 PM EDT

Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosWho doesn’t love Levi Johnston? Everyone, you say? Well, at least there’s no such thing as bad publicity in the world of reality TV, since the baby daddy to the daughter of the former governor of Alaska — now that’s a tenuous claim to fame — is looking to star in his own show, Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office. And while the current mayor of the Wasilla, AK, isn’t especially keen on the 20-year-old’s political aspirations, that won’t stop Johnston or the producers at Stone & Company Entertainment from making a run for it. We talked to the company’s principal, Scott Stone, about his plans for the series.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you pitching this show?

SCOTT STONE: We are pitching it as advertised, Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office. We’re shooting as we speak. [We’re] going up to Alaska to shoot for a couple weeks. Once we have our story set up properly, we’ll start pitching it to the networks.

Are you pitching to one of the big-four networks first?

I tend not to do shows that are targeted toward one specific network. I tend to do shows that could run multiple places. We’ll target the ones that are most interested first, and suffice to say we’ve gotten a ton of interest since the announcement went out yesterday.

Are you or anyone on the production staff playing the role of, say, a James Carville for his campaign?

I wish. I actually did a show with James and Mary together; I would love to be either James or Mary. No, we are not running his campaign. Tank Jones [Levi’s manager] is his campaign manager, and he’ll be hiring whatever additional people he needs.

Did Levi come to you with the idea, or did you approach him?

We went to him with several ideas. We met with Levi a few times over the last several months and talked about several other ideas, and this is one that we put out as an option. His initial reaction was that he wasn’t sure. He’s a young guy, and running for office is a scary proposition and a big commitment. He thought about it, and then he came back and said, “I thought about it, let’s talk and see if we can do this.”

Who is your target audience?

All reality shows are largely female-skewing, because it’s story and character development, so we’re expecting there to be plenty of women viewers. And we expect there’ll be plenty of guy viewers because it’s Alaska, and there’s stuff like crazy bear hunting that he likes to do. Plus, a big part of the show is about his life, and he’s a single dad trying to be a good dad to his son. At this point — and I say at this point because this is what we know is going on today — he’s single and he wants to have love in his life, as well. I think that’s a really relatable story for anyone.

Is there any chance there will be any involvement from the Palins?

I can tell you unequivocally we went into this with exactly zero expectation for any involvement from the Palins. If that changes, that’s purely a function of their choice. We would welcome it; it would be great if they got involved, but it’s going to be Levi Johnston’s show.

With Levi, it’ll be hard to avoid at least some discussion of national politics.

Levi is well known all over the country, and you can be sure we’ll take advantage of that for the show. And he’ll take advantage of it for his campaign. He’s already come out and said that he’s half-redneck and half-Hollywood, and that Hollywood part isn’t going away.

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