Annie Barrett
August 11, 2010 AT 06:06 PM EDT

In an effort to post as many items related to the year 1999 as possible, I’ve decided today’s Lunchtime Poll should be about Marc Anthony.

Mandi came by as I was writing last night’s news brief that Anthony will guest-star as a love interest for Jada Pinkett Smith on TNT’s HawthoRNe, and we both immediately — without even agreeing to do this — launched into a snap ‘n’ sway singalong of Anthony’s 1999 single “I Need to Know.” We sang the first half of the chorus just fine, but after “Tell me baby girl, cause I need to know/I need to know…I need to know,” our once-hearty vocals softened to a gibberish mumbling, sort of an open-mouthed hum. We thought there were other lyrics to the chorus that we had forgotten. But no! The second half of the chorus for “I Need to Know” is exactly the same as the first half. We’re such idiots! That’s the last time we’ll overestimate Marc Anthony’s lyricism, promise. We’ve made a huge mistake. Still, any impromptu dance party is VERY worthwhile.

Now there’s something I need to know. Tell me, PopWatch-reading guuuurrrrl, ’cause I need to know. I need to know. I need to know. God, it just never ends.

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